San Francisco Files

The Story So Far

Chapter 1: The London Files
Kris Lamont Cogan is a man who doesn't know much about his past. He's a hitman, a tracker, a soldier, whatever you want to call him. He works for a non-governmental enforcement-style secret organization called the Service, under the authority of ROOT. In june 2007, he is sent to London to eliminate someone supposedly posing a threat to the Service: Mary Kimberly Tyler, a young assistant researcher in Biology at Oxford University. But something happens and Kris doesn't follow the orders. Instead, he escapes with her, with the help of a mysterious man he calls the Janitor of Oxford. ROOT is not pleased.

Chapter 2: The San Francisco Files
On July 18, Mary and Kris fly to San Francisco, California. Scared of Kris, Mary leaves and escapes to San Diego on July 25. There she starts digging into her father's past. A man named Jay Vector sends a hint and tells her to contact Celine Friar at SCRIPPS in LaJolla. There, on August 9, Mary meets Celine, a young biologist, who helps her find more about her father's research on brain activity and neuronal control. ROOT is flying choppers.

Mary also finds out that it's not a good idea to leave Kris's side as she's attacked by a mercenary, ZorinXL , in her hotel in San Diego on August 10. Hinted by the Janitor again, Kris shows up in time and saves her. The unlikely couple embarks on a road trip through the Sierra Nevada to hide for a little while from ROOT and Operation Ossifrage, the operation set up to track them down. It doesn't take long before they are found by ZorinXL in Yosemite on August 30. For the second time, Kris takes aim at ZorinXL , only to realize he has the perfect image of himself in his scope. Kris and Mary hit the road and find refuge in the Bay Area again.

In the mean time, Deagol and Phipunk, who are trying to help Kris and Mary, are targeted by Operation Ossifrage. Maybe they are abducted, maybe they are drugged, no one knows for sure as the two lose several days of their life not knowing what exactly has happened to them. ROOT is playing with their heads , trying to get information from them. ROOT is having fun.

Helped by Celine, and a few willing people, Mary starts to understand that the strange dreams she has about her father, as well as Kris's memory loss, might have to do with her father's research on brain activity. She also learns her father was working for ROOT's organization. Hinted by the Janitor, Kris breaks into an underground facility in Cupertino and retreives a lentivirus containing humanized channelrhodopsin, a substance that might have been used to alter their memory, according to the research done by Sparkybennett. As a goodbye gesture, Kris blows the facility up. A "probable quarry explosion" is recorded by USGS on September 5, at 10:32 UTC in Cupertino.
On September 20, Kris breaks into another facility, somewhere on the Berkeley hills. This time he doesn't blow it up. Phipunk is pleased.

Kris and Mary meet with Celine in San Francisco on September 22, and give her blood samples and the lentivirus in order to confirm or infirm the theory they were the victims of some mind control sinister experiments. However, in an unexpected move, Celine contacts and meets with Phipunk in Berkeley on September 25. She tells him she fears for her life and has to leave the country right away. She gives a password-protected CD to Phipunk. Only days after the meeting, Celine is shot by ZorinXL in Caracas and left in a deep coma. ROOT is pleased.

On October 9, Mary meets with Sean, a mysterious man contacted by Kris, who performs a strange ceremony to enter into Mary's mind and unveil long forgotten memories. For Mary, the whole experience feels like a travel in time that ends (or begins?) with Helen of Troy.

Kris and Mary leave the US and fly to Caracas to save Celine. Celine is left in the protecting hands of an old friend of Kris, Leandro, who lives secluded somewhere in Brazil. ROOT is not pleased.

On November 11, Kris and Mary leave South America and fly to Ethiopia. There, someone anonymously sends Kris an old kris (or keris).

ROOT finds them again. Helped by locals, Kris locates ROOT's communication center in Djibouti and burns it down, only to realize it was a trap to get him away from Mary who stayed in Addis Ababa. ROOT makes fun of Kris.

While they are in Ethiopia Celine's password is found by Phipunk , with the help of Sandi Star and a young girl named Jiana who happens to be ZorinXL's little sister. Celine reveals in an encrypted message, decoded by Deagol, that she was in fact working for ROOT and that the Janitor of Oxford is ROOT's hand. She reveals the location of a palace in Paris which courtyard displays the symbol of ROOT's organization.

Chapter 3: The Paris Files
On November 22, Kris and Mary travel to Paris. The Janitor comes back to reveal the name of the keris maker in a yet-unsolved puzzle. On December 10, Ziola contacts him to ask for his help on the puzzle. In return, she is offered access to the Organization. ROOT is not pleased.

While Ziola embarks on a tour of the "nine circles" with the Janitor, who reveals his name is Lawrence T McEntyre, Mary goes on her project to take a closer look at the Keris. She finds out it's made of an a particular alloy of iron and nickel only found in iron meteorites. While studying it she finds a note hidden in the handle. Once decoded it reveals the name of a small village, Le Monal, in the French Alps. On January 3, Kris and Mary go to Le Monal. They meet there with a man, Hubert, who claims to be Lawrence's son. Hubert says he has something to tell Mary about her mother. Hubert also says Lawrence is ROOT.

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